Disposables travel industry
Marbell supplies various disposable products for airline companies, tour operators or other travel organizations. You can think of many kinds of disposable articles including, for example headrestcovers, handtowels, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, etc, etc. We also deliver packages in a desired composition.
Airlines, bus companies or travel agencies often have little time and work with tight schedules. For each flight or journey everything has to be arranged up to the last detail for guests on board. In this respect is the use of disposables indispensable. Disposables are articles that each person can use only once, for example because of hygiene regulation or because it cannot be reused.

Marbell provides many kinds of disposable products and tries to meet the needs of the various companies we server. Standard in our range are products such as:

Disposable pillows
Disposable pillowcases
disposable blankets
Disposable headrest covers
Disposable Headrest Covers
disposable handtowels
etc. ..

For some clients we make tailor-made packages where certain products are packed together so that they can be easily distributed to passengers.

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