Specialist in cleaning
Marbell is specialised in textile cleaning for airlines, bus companies and other tour operators. We can process both small and large numbers of textile cleaning for your company. Textile cleaning includes the cleaning of blankets, pillows, pillowcases, headrest covers (headrest covers), curtains, handtowels etc.

Perhaps you'll sometimes see one of our trucks or vans at the A1 or at Schiphol Airport. This is because we are constantly delivering to airline companies at Schiphol Airport. We supply them with fresh clean textiles or other products (disposables) for their passengers. Marbell has a very well-oiled laundry park equipped with the latest equipment to process a great capacity at the same time.

The travel industry is one of the industries where timing and planning is essential. We like to keep up with those tight schedules and deliver high quality service. If you speak to any of our customers then you know that Marbell always keeps to its appointments. It is not insignificant that there is good communication with our customers and therefore our employees are trained to deliver high quality and in achieving a high customer satisfaction level.

Besides cleaning the textile we like to think with our customers to get our service to the highest possible levels. For instance we supply complete sets of products for passengers in aircrafts. You can think of a set with a blanket, pillow, flip flops and other items that each passenger will receive standard from the relevant airline company.

Textile cleaning is a specialty of Marbell and many regular customers have already been convinced. May we convince you too?

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Marbell is a skilled company in various areas and can therefore deliver very complete tailored services. Do you want to know more about our company or do you want to make an appointment please feel free to contact us.