Innovation and passion
Marbell is a dynamic and succesfull company and delivers products and services to airline companies, bus companies and other travel)companies. The flexible structure of our organization, supported by a balanced network of suppliers and partners makes it possible to offer you a highly customized and customer-friendly service.
Marbell has long been a regular supplier of many airlines, bus companies and tour operators when it comes to textile cleaning of guest textiles and supplying disposable products such as headrest covers, pillow covers (pillow case), pillows, blankets, etc. Next to that Marbell is a trading company and we supply various promotional products such as headbanners, headrest covers, promotional cushions or other products with textile printing.

With an enthusiastic team of permanent staff, our organization daily delivers the best possible service. From our professional laundry for textile cleaning in Enschede our trucks and vans drive daily to various airports with our largest market share at Schiphol Airport.

Specialist in textile cleaning
Besides cleaning all sorts of textile, we supply many airlines or tour operators with complete packages such blanket, pillow and other items included in 1 package for easy distribution in airplanes, buses etc.
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Disposable products for travel industry
Not only we provide the textile cleaning for many airlines and travel companies, but we also specialize in taking care of disposable products for companies in the travel industry. You can think of disposable pillows, pillow covers (pillow cases), Headrest Covers (headrestcovers), disposable blankets, etc....

Promotional products
Over the years we have obtained a good knowledge of various promotional products. Many companies know us because of our headbanners (seatcovers), headrestcovers (travel), pillows with printing or other promotional items..

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Marbell is a skilled company in various areas and can therefore deliver very complete tailored services. Do you want to know more about our company or do you want to make an appointment please feel free to contact us.